Women’s Self-Defence at The Combat Lab

Womens self-defence workshop at The Combat Lab in Weymouth.

A successful Women’s Self-Defence workshop at The Combat Lab!

This past Friday, we held a successful Women’s Self-Defence Workshop, held here at The Combat Lab!

The workshop was taken by Head Coach Jordan Garnett with assistance from Phoebe Steer and Carla Hart. We had an awesome turn out from ladies across Weymouth who wanted to level up their knowledge and confidence when it comes to defending themselves.

Within the workshop, our ladies learnt basic techniques to help them protect themselves should they be attacked. This involved escaping from wall pins as well as various positional reversals alongside strikes.

Alongside this, the ladies learnt core concepts to help protect themselves. As there are an infinite number of techniques and scenarios which could arise in the outside world, equipping the ladies with core concepts provides them the ability to defend themselves in many different scenarios.

Huge thank you to all the ladies who came down for the workshop, we hope you found it valuable. Also a huge thank you to Phoebe and Carla for helping and aiding the workshop.

Carla and Phoebe are regulars down here at The Lab training in both Muay Thai and BJJ. All of our regular programmes here at The Combat Lab offer real world skills which will help anyone should they need to defend themselves.

For those women who may have missed the workshop, but want to learn techniques, we offer a Free Intro Class across all programmes.

Book a Free Introductory Class Now!

Our programmes will provide much more exposure and skill development than just the one off workshop and are great ways for women to start learning to defend themselves.

All classes are women friendly, so if you want to try a programme, click the button below to book your Free Intro Class.

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