Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts or MMA is now a household name due to the popularity of the UFC. Here in Weymouth we have coaches who have been to the UFC with fighters such as Darren ‘The Dentist’ Stewart. Our programme is taught by Jordan Garnett and Paul Hines.

What is MMA?

Mixed Martial Arts is the ultimate combat sport, pulling techniques from all art forms to create many different unique fighting styles.

Mixed Martial Arts started with the invention of Ultimate Fighting Championship, where the Gracie Family looked to demonstrate the effectiveness of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Since then the sport has evolved with the UFC being the prominent league and driver behind the success of the sport.

Now the sport is a household name due to the popularity of big stars such as Conor McGregor.

The sport blends together striking, grappling, wrestling and submissions creating many different avenues to gain a victory.

Here at The Combat Lab we have coaches who have cornered fighters such as Darren ‘The Dentist’ Stewart on the big stage at UFC events.

What do I need to bring to Mixed Martial Arts?

We will have all of the necessary equipment for you to get started in MMA. Just wear a sports shirt and shorts and turn up 10 minutes before your session, so that you can sign the necessary documents. Also bring a big bottle of water, you will need it.

Will I be made to spar in Mixed Martial Arts?

MMA is an intense combat sport, with a lot of components coming together to get people ready for fights. However within our MMA programme we will break down the sparring into positional sparring where possible in order to build upon your knowledge in certain areas. Only then once you have a solid understanding of the sport and are happy to do so, will you start full contact sparring.

What will my first MMA session look like?

For your first session you will come into the gym and after signing the necessary documents at the desk, we will get you a pair of MMA gloves and then the class will start the warm up.

The warm up will be something to raise your heart rate and get you ready for MMA training whilst also using some basic MMA movements. Following the warm up the class will move into techniques, where you will be paired up with someone and begin learning MMA through our structured syllabus and the guidance of the coach. At the end we will do some positional sparring, reinforcing the techniques you have just learnt.

Then the class will be finished and a member of our team will check on how your session went.